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zu lai The Zu Lai Temple is located in the metropolitan area of São Paulo in the city of Cotia, is the first temple of Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Latin America.
Opened in 1992, over its first eleven years of its existence, the Zu Lai came to performing an increasing number of activities growing more and more the followers and sympathizers , expanding in such a way that it no longer fitted so many people.
Some disciples then make a vow to build a new temple, and then with the effort and generosity of the members of the Blia Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Taiwan, Mainland China, the United States and many other people from many other corners of the world, come to acquire such other lots adjoining land.

In May 2000, it launched the construction of the new building that was to have 10 000 m2 of constructed area, over a total area of ​​150,000 m2. Its design was inspired by the oriental architectural style of the Tang Dynasty palaces, at the same time integrating aspects of modern Western architecture. The works were completed in October 2003, giving rise thus the "Pure Land" of Humanistic Buddhism in South America.
The Zu Lai Temple seeks to propagate the Dharma, developing talents, bringing benefits to society and purifying hearts and minds through cultural and educational activities, social actions and religious practices.
The temple also seeks to develop a number of studies that apply to everyday life in addition to "nationalize" the Buddha's teachings respecting the aspects of local culture which welcomes its doctrine making possible the realization of projects such as: courses in Buddhist philosophy, groups study and reading circles about the Dharma, creating the "Sons of Buddha Project" by the same name and through his Foundation Translation Centre has worked in disseminating Buddhist teachings in English.

Since then, the Zu Lai Temple has been fulfilling its mission to disseminate these to solidify its four pillars and nationalize the principles of Humanistic Buddhism in Brazil.
In 2003, Venerable Master Hsing Yün come to Brazil then to consecrate the new building Zu Lai Temple on April 27, 2012 celebrated their twenties on Brazilian soil.

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