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Temple Hare Krishna

templo At the base of the Mantiqueira mount range, the city of Pindamonhangaba houses New Gokula Farm for 35 years, it has cultivated values of simple living and high thought in God, following the tradition of the Vedas, ancient literature and sacred source of knowledge of ancient India.

In addition to a lifestyle that supports the required discipline for the study and practice of spirituality, the community displays the largest temple in Vedic style of the South American continent, with its sober Indian classical architecture. It is visited by over 10,000 people every year, including tourists, students and pilgrims, and is home to about 80 members working for the community development.

New Gokula is part of the tourist circuit of the Mantiqueira, in the Paraíba Valley, and covers an area of 119.5 hectares, a privileged land space in the APA (Environmental Protection Area) Mantiqueira, conservation unit of the federal government.
It is a biome with springs of water and native vegetation. Since its acquisition, more than 50% of its area has been covered with new vegetation.
It is a true sanctuary and heritage of Brazilian diversity, Wild Animals and plants.

Among the attractions, stand out a ecological walk amid the gardens presenting a wonderful wild fauna and flora along with a river with crystal clear water for bathing. You can enjoy the restaurants, cafes and sip up pizzas, snacks and dishes with delicacies from lacto-vegetarian, as the traditional fried jackfruit snack. The mini shopping stores exhibit various options of clothing, articles, crafts and decorations.

For those seeking refuge and balance, New Gokula offers retreat in monastic climate with programs in the temple and meditation with mantras in serene natural environment in addition to Ayurvedic therapies, yoga lessons, massages and various workshops.

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