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Rodrigues Alves School (Old Historical School on Paulista)

Rodrigues AlvesPaulista Ave in the early 20th century, during the so-called First Republic, was already a symbol of the economic power of the State of São Paulo. The houses along it belonging to wealthy farmers drew attention by the luxury flaunted. With economic development came the need to provide education to the poor.
The building received an eclectic style with neoclassic inspiration in order to differentiate it from other school groups in the city, and it's what still nowadays points out the school building and design as a tourist attraction, cultural and architectural point of Paulista Ave.
Designed by the most famous architect at the time, Ramos de Azevedo, the building on Paulista Avenue was named after Rodrigues Alves a former Brazilian president, between 1902 and 1906, who died in early 1919.
An interesting fact is that the site was also used for other purposes besides school. In 1932, the building housed the revolutionaries of the Paulista Revolution.

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