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5-hour Favela São Paulo City Tour - (Slum)

Favela São Paulo

Take a guided private tour and feel what life in a Favela (Slum) is really like. Tour through São Paulo's second largest Favela and get an unique insight into the vibrant spirit of its people, especially the hidden veritable artists who live there.

Take a journey to discover Paraisópolis, a favela where live almost 100 thousand people: a cosmos that in recent years has experienced great transformations and where live many common people, but also brilliant artists who do extraordinary things.

Recently, the area has received public and private investment, a few kilometers of water supply and sanitation, condos that have gone on to replace the shacks of wood and mud, sidewalks, parks.

The local “Community Association” hosts the visit and give utter support providing us with a local monitor from the community to escort us around in the company of our bilingual guide who provides the explanations and interpreting service along the way.

  • The tour starts at the Community Association Office. Visitors will learn about the community’s history, the foundation of the “Community Association” and its main projects;

  • Then, visitors will be led to the community radio studio to watch a program and meet some community speakers;
  • At Berbela's mechanical workshop, a great plastic artist and community resident. Berbela builds his works of art from automotive parts such as metal scraps and chemical wastes, giving life to all sorts of material discarded in his workshop;

  • Visitors will walk throughout the community narrow alleyways reaching the Palmeirinha’s alley, to see the only field in the community and attend a class of the students of the project "Rugby For All";

  • Go on to see Luciana’s alley and continue on to “BECEI Library”, which is the 1st library created within a community.
  • Go to the house of the sculptor Estevão, also known as “Gaudí of Paraisópolis”. Once there, visitors will be able to enter a beautiful Stone House, full of accessories and common objects such as cups, saucers and dishes, which are part of the structure of the house, gain a charm and a sense of fantasy for the visitor. Go on an adventure through openings and stairway to reach the viewpoint, and appreciate stunning contrasting scenery of favela across the fancy area of Morumbi neighborhood;

  • Walk through narrow streets of the central Paraisopolis heading to Paraisópolis Ballet Project. Meet the director and dancer Mônica Tarragó, who will present the project and get visitors to watch a little of the class and meet some students;

  • After all that, visitors can have a superb typical Brazilian food at the charming “Bistro Mãos de Maria” on the rooftop of one of the local houses in the Favela.

Other activities in Paraisopolis:

  • PET House of Mr. Antenor, another artist from the community who revealed his talent when building a house using PET bottles, showing different forms of think, live and build;

  • Visit the “People’s School Program”, a Literacy Project for the Youth and Adults that has already taught more than 3,000 residents of Paraisópolis;

  • The Paraisópolis Women's Association, which carries out several projects aimed at women in the community;

  • Visit the urbanization works, such as Perimetral Avenue, Parque Sanfona and Condomínio E, which received the “Casa Azul Seal” from the bank “Caixa Econômica Federal”, being considered a reference for using sustainable standards in its construction.



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