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Liberdade Japanese neighborhood Tour

Liberdade JapaneseThis area is home to the city’s large Japanese community, in a city that has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan in the world. The district also has a large population of Chinese and Koreans that have immigrated to the area. The area is an interesting place to explore, where many of the streets are decorated with red Japanese like lanterns that are lined with Japanese restaurants & shops as well as other Asian shops and eateries. The most popular area is along the street known as Rua Galvao Bueno and its the intersecting streets. A huge red Japanese Torii arches high over the street as it marks the entry to the beginning of the street and serves as a sort of greeting to visitors of the street. On weekends there is an interesting market, known as Liberdade Oriental Market at Liberdade Square, which is in the heart of the colony. It offers a wealth of Japanese cuisine and handicraft. The market has been held here for around 30 years, and has more than 200 stalls, offering jewelry, Japanese lamps, bonsai trees, aquarium sh and knick-knacks in general, mainly with an oriental theme. The stalls selling the delicious yakisoba and tempura are also very popular.

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