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5-hour Graffiti São Paulo Tour

graffiti SP Executive Drivers can take you to the coolest urban art scene of São Paulo to boast the street art and graffitis.

We take the back streets and alleys of Vila Madalena neighborhood and discover some of the latest, greatest and oldest examples of street art , graffiti & mural art while teach you who is behind the art and what their motivations are.

The art changes rapidly in the streets so there is always fresh work and you might even get the chance to see an artist doing a piece live.

Get this opportunity to combine a panoramic sightseeing with the "graffiti tour" while driving around São Paulo in the guide's company who will escort you in your tour expedition, providing an interpreting service along the way.

  • We will take you off the beaten path to visit hidden graffiti hotspots, open-air street art museums other than passing through the most important parts of the city, such as Paulista Ave and Historical downtown;

  • See some of the most incredible wall paintings in São Paulo while learning about contemporary urban artists, their lifestyle, and the forms and techniques they employ;

  • From the wild style graffiti “tags”, those made while we are asleep, to large murals that take up an entire building and added to the city skyline. This 5 hour adventure is a colorful & unique experience for guests who wish to see and photograph a large volume of work in more exclusive surroundings in some lesser known corners of São Paulo;

  • Come and explore with us. We will show you that urban art is more just the writing on the wall.



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