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8-hour Tour Beach Town of Santos

Tour Beach Town

Get yourself out of a rut taking a guided private city tour in the beach town of Santos which is about 1:20 minutes from São Paulo.

The visitors get to know the city's major tourist attractions and have an overview of what the town is really like visiting the historical downtown as well as the beachfront areas. There are stops at sights to explore in the company of the guide who will escort them in their tour expedition, providing an interpreting service along the way.

You can also personalize the tour according your interests and visit what you really like.

Tourists are all the time escorted by a licensed bilingual tour guide who explains about the historical, cultural, political and economic aspects of the city as well as the country.

Santos suggested city tour itinerary:

  • Have a breakfast at the stylish café of the coffee museum in Santos, and visit it to learn about the importance of the coffee for Brazilian socio-economic development;

  • Ride on a carriage upwards mount Serrat which is a peak that has a superb panoramic viewpoint from the former old casino atop. On it, also lays a 17th-century chapel of our Lady of Mount Serrat, the patron of the city of Santos;

  • Admire the marvelous view of the shoreline of Santos and city of "Saint Vincent" (First permanent Portuguese settlement in Brazil), from Niemeyer’s monument on the top of Porchat Island hill;

  • Spend some time at the well-maintained beach with the world's largest beachfront garden according to Guinness Book of Records, 2000;

  • Enjoy lunch at either an all-you-can-eat steakhouse, a seafood restaurant or any option of your choice;

  • Relax on the comfortable drive back to your place going through the magnificent mountain range that connects Santos to São Paulo.

Other activities in Santos:

  • Cable car up to the steep hill next to beach;

  • Paragliding;

  • Hang-glider;

  • Aquarium;

  • Botanical garden with its exotic species of animals;

  • Cathedral;

  • Ride on touristic street car through historical downtown.



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